What’s a bullet journal?

Ever wondered what the buzz about the bullet journal is about? For someone who is no longer acquainted in the age of the internet, I learned about bullet journaling from my children and grandchildren. On the surface, it looks like an ordinary notebook, but it seems a lot of people swear their schedules and their creativity by it. So what is it, really, and why are people (from all age ranges) crazy over bullet journaling?

Image source: pinterest.com

A bullet journal is no ordinary notebook. It lets users accommodate their planning schemes while they become creative with it. You can make to-do lists, calendars, brainstorming notes, and more with it. And if you’re like me who has never really liked a planner’s design, owning a bullet journal is a blank slate that lets you make the planner of you’re dreams.

A lot of people own several notebooks for several occasions, but a bullet journal, being the flexible notebook that it is, keeps all your ideas and notes in one place. It doesn’t have to be uniform (but it can be, if you wish to), and it shows off your personality. There’s a trend in bullet journaling called habit tracker, which works well for people who want to maintain good habits into their system. I did one myself—a water intake tracker—to make sure I drink enough fluids every day.

Ready to take your creativity to the next level? Try bullet journaling, and enjoy your time writing and creating new stuff!

Image source: lifehack.org

Hi, I’m Keith W. Springer, a retired photographer into bullet journaling. Learn more about journaling when you visit this page.


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