Yellowstone’s Picturesque Views For The Nature Photographer

Ah, Yellowstone. I can’t deny how much I’m in awe of this place. Although I live miles away from the park, I can still vividly remember my nature-filled photo walks in Yellowstone. If you’re a nature photographer thinking about shooting marvelous sites in the famous National Park, here are some photo spots that will give you an amazing time (and an amazing set of travel images).

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Boiling River

Boiling River is a hot spring between Gardiner and Mammoth. It’s a great place where you can find wildlife like the elk, bighorn, and pronghorn, and it has beautiful colors that will make a great impression in photos.

Old Faithful

It might not be the tallest geyser in Yellowstone, but Old Faithful is the most famous in the park. You can witness its erupting spectacle from a distance, and it happens every 90 minutes. The eruption usually takes around 90 seconds to five minutes, so you’ll surely have plenty of time to see it.

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Grand Prismatic Spring

When on a trip to Yellowstone, tourists can never miss the Grand Prismatic Spring. More than a breathtaking scenery, the Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest spring in the United States and the third largest spring in the whole world. Photographers love shooting its rainbow-colored algae rings and misty fringes. It’s really worth the trip.

Hi there, I’m Keith W. Springer, a retired photographer based in New York City. Learn more about event and outdoor photography when you visit this blog.


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