Kids at Play: Highlighting the Fun in Photography

Nature and wildlife are often the subjects when we head out to parks; but people can breathe life into photos, too. And in parks, you’ll often see kids playing around.

A note, however, before venturing to photograph kids at parks: you need to ask permission, especially from the parents if it’s alright to take photos of their kids. If you have kids of your own, the better, then you can fire away as they do what they do best: have fun!

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The best time of the day to shoot at the park is in the early morning or late afternoon. The midday sun will only cast shadows and obscure the expressions on kids’ faces. Ample light during the day is also very important when shooting moving subjects to keep the images sharp.

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In photographing kids, you have to be as patient as much as they are restless. Do not get frustrated if a child does not stay long in their current position before you could get a shot. With patience, even after many attempts, you’re bound to get gold in one of them.

I’m Keith W. Springer from Brooklyn, New York. I used to work as a professional photographer, but now that I’m retired, I like to take it easy when it comes to taking photos, and nature is currently my favorite subject. Follow my blog for more tips on photography.


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