The most picturesque places in New York

Throughout my time in the Big Apple, I’ve seen truly remarkable places for photography. I know these places have time and again been named as the most photographer-friendly locations in the city, and you’re probably tired of hearing about them. But believe me, if you’ve seen them yourself, you’ll understand all the hype.

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The observation deck of the Rock

No, this isn’t Alcatraz. It’s that other Rock, 30 Rockefeller Plaza. It’s highly recommended that photographers line up an hour before sunset, so when they reach the top, it’ll be just in time for that beautiful horizon. Some photographers have even said the view from here is better than that of our next entry.

Empire State Building

If sunset is the perfect time for photography on the Rock’s observation deck, nighttime is the best time for photography on the Empire State Building’s observation deck. It’s been featured in countless movies throughout the decades, and the 360-degree view will leave anyone speechless.

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Brooklyn Bridge

The entire walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan on the bridge will take your breath away. Time the walk during sunset. The New York skyline will be shown from a different perspective. A summer walk is perfect since it won’t be too cold.

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