Packing Light: What To Bring For Nature Photography

Those who are planning to venture into nature photography should list down everything they need before going out.  Because while it is an enjoyable endeavor, it can be a difficult one, especially without the required gear.

And, of course, bringing everything including the kitchen sink would not be viable as the weight can be an impediment to successfully capturing as many beautiful shots as possible.

Only one camera is recommended to be brought, therefore choosing the right one is necessary.  The camera body should allow full manual override of settings, particularly the aperture, shutter speed, and exposure length.  Having a bulb mode and any level of weather sealing can be beneficial.

Image source:
Image source:

Probably the most important consideration when doing nature photography is to bring the appropriate lenses for the intended scenes.

For landscape shots, an ultra-wide angle lens is needed, because they offer a greater field of view and more depth of field.  Choosing between a prime or zoom lens is a matter of personal preference.

A macro lens should also be brought to get excellent quality out of close-up images.

A telephoto lens works best to capture distant subjects such as faraway birds or natural backdrops.  It must be noted, though, that since it is bulky, it should only be brought if using it is a certainty.

Image source:
Image source:

As for other accessories, a light, full-movement tripod is definitely helpful for photo stability.  One should also be prepared for any weather by packing rain covers or an umbrella, a collapsible reflector or diffuser, a polarizing filter, or an ND filter.

Keith W. Springer here, a retired photographer who still loves going outdoors and traveling to capture the beauty of nature.  Learn more about photography by visiting this blog.


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